Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is it bad to use your run good on a freeroll?

Yes, I realize it's been quite a bit since I have posted anything of the endeavor. For the most part, things are on the recovery phase after having some bad times. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate as we have all had those. Still frugal, still on the path.

I enjoy listening to podcasts almost more than music on my iPod when I am busy doing work or commuting to and from the work place. Aside from my normal sports related ones, I have a number of poker-related ones that I look forward to when they come out. One of the poker-related ones that I like that is unique in its approach is "Gambling Tales" with Falstaff and Special K. My good friend OhCaptain turned me in to these guys a couple years back, I believe after he met them in person at the winter blogger gathering in Vegas (I need to figure out a way to get there next year... Maybe I can sell pieces of myself, in keeping with the frugal tradition).

Starting new this year, the Gambling Tales guys are hosting a freeroll at Full Tilt on a weekly basis for listeners of the program. I decided to check it out, and when I registered for the $50 freeroll, there were only 30ish people registered. I figured my chances were decent for some return on investment (which was 0 :D ), so I registered. When I then logged into the tournament on Thursday night, I was shocked to see that it was full, meaning 1000 people had registered. It seems as though the password got out to the russian sites, because at least 50% of the people at all the tables I was at were from Russia. Either that or Special K and Falstaff really have a way with the Russkies.

On my first table, there was only one other active participant, who happened to be 2 to my left, which is terrible when there are so many dead stacks. After avoiding too much confrontation, I got to different tables with different players, also with dead stacks mixed in. Because I was looking at the prize structure and seeing that the return could be less than $0.10 even if you cash, I didn't focus really hard for quite some time. I organized my office, paid some bills, watched some movies, and probably ate some food.

Once the dead stacks were all elminated, I was still sitting pretty decent. Since I was not paying too much attention and no one at my early tables was chatty (or maybe they didn't speak english), I can't tell you what happened, but ultimately where I started to remember was when we were down to two tables and Falstaff actually was at my table. Here, there was actually table discussion, which was what I was really hoping for with this freeroll, more than the potential return. Avoiding getting into bad or marginal spots, I survived to the final table, last in chips at that point with about 6 BB or so.

Staying out of the way, shoving and getting called with worse and holding, and just stealing where possible, I managed to get to heads up, only with a 1:7 chip deficit. I would have been happy enough with that, but a few races later, I ended up winning the whole thing! The reward for this unbelievable accomplishment? See for yourself:

So my question is, is it bad to use so much rungood for less than $10 in 4.5 hours? I guess it is nice to be the inaugural champ of the Gambling Tales freeroll at least. Thanks boys!


  1. Congratulations Dee! You will always be our first (Champ, that is).

    Special K

  2. It's much better to be #1 than #2 :D

  3. Congrats! It was fun playing and chatting with you!

  4. A win is a win, use your luck whenever you can get it.